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FSDB Slice of PD is direct instruction on a specific skill, strategy, or instructional tool.

The method of delivery can be a video in our Slice of PD series or held as a workshop, Slice of PD Saturdays.

The topics vary based on School Improvement Plan, teachers' Individualized Professional Development Plan, and Department Initiatives.

FSDB Slice of PD


Certified Teachers and Staff Members at FSDB can select 4 videos in a series to watch and then complete individualized professional development follow up activities.  Videos are added to each series to provide teachers and specialist with continuous learning opportunities.


After all, when you put slices together you get a whole Pineapple.


Our first series is  ASL/English Bilingual Applications.


COMING SOON: Graphic Literacy

FSDB Slice of PD Saturdays


4 hour trainings held on Saturdays for Certified Teachers and Specialists to attend and learn from a expert in the content, tool, or teaching strategy. 

Teachers and Specialists learn from the expert and have the opportunity to create an implementation plan or product while receiving support from an expert. 

Teachers learn Quizlet
Teachers get to know their iPad
Teacher try Plickers
Teachers learn Google Suite
Teachers learn Low Vision Tools
Teachers learn VoiceThread.
Teachers Learn JAWS
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