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Innovative Learning Environment at FSDB

Florida School for the Deaf and the BLind will continue to provide the full array of services families and students have come to expect. At the start of the 2020-21 school year, FSDB provided in-person instruction five-days a week on the FSDB campus as well as an innovative learning environment (ILE) option (detailed FSDB Reopening Plan 2020-21) for families who did not yet feel safe to have their child(ren) participate in learning on campus. Both models provide specialized instruction for all students (ELC-12 grade), including services for low-income families, students of migrant workers, students who are homeless, students in foster care, and students who are English Language Learners. Robust progress monitoring and tiered support are provided to all students.

To get ready for the 2020-21 school year, teachers had two weeks of planning time before students arrived. During this planning time, professional development was readily available for teachers to drop-in to ask questions or attend a full training. Teachers had the option to attend the training in-person or virtually, interpreters were provided for the training. 

View the infographics and support given to teachers at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind to make on-campus and ILE possible. 

Innovative Learning Environment

Check out the infographic to view the set up for the Innovative Learning Environment at FSDB. You will be able to see the overview of our academic courses, electives, and services.


Check out these helpful infographics to support our students and educators.


Student Expectations

Educator Expectations

Function vs. Tool

Don't let the fancy fool you! Check out this chart on the function and the appropriate tool. View Chart

Inspired by The Distance Learning Playbook by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and John Hattie

Learn all about the Innovative Learning Environment at FSDB 

View the video as Randi explains the technology tools and the layout to make Innovative Learning Environment possible at FSDB. 

PowerPoint Presentation- Click here

ILE Technology Set Up

Task Completed

  • Technology Department sets up Microsoft Teams- Class Teams for each Teacher

  • Tripods and mounts distributed to teachers

  • Teachers responsible for setting up your Google Site and your Google Classrooms (one for each course)

  • Trainings provided during 2-week Teacher planning week

Tech Set up Tutorials

  • Microsoft Teams ILE Overview for Teachers COMING SOON!

  • Family and Student Technology Tutorials: Click here


Teacher view- (showing the back of the room). iPad screen faces teacher so they can see the students in the Teams call. Teacher will use the front camera to stream the class from Teams. *Not pictured, students in Teams call

FSDB ILE Tripod and iPad Set Up

  • Open up the tripod.

  • Place it on the floor or a table

  • Screen side of iPad will face you when you're standing at the SMARTboard

  • You will see the ILE students' faces on the iPad in the Teams call.

View the 10 second video of the set up.


Classroom view- (showing the front of the room) iPad screen faces the teacher. Teacher will be positioned in front of the room near the SMARTboard with the collaborative document. *Not pictured, teacher in front of SMARTboard.

ILE Resources and Support

To support teachers, Instructional Services and Technology Department created Teams on Microsoft Teams. The teams are Ed Tech Help Team and FSDB Learning Network. Each team serves a different purpose. Ed Tech Help team is for teachers to ask questions, view tutorials, and get support from on-campus experts in the technology. FSDB Learning Network is a place for teachers to share their "Pineapple Innovation," a glimpse at the strategies, activities, or lessons they are doing with their students at FSDB.

Ed Tech Help Team screenshot.png

ED Tech Help Team

  • The Technology Department and Instructional Services post tutorials, resources, and updates

  • Teachers can go here for help or to learn how to do specific ed tech skills (ex: How to share a document? How to add students to a OneNote? How to duplicate a page? How to make your website public)

  • Teachers can ask their questions in the proper channel. More than likely another teacher has the same question, so its helps others! 

  • Teachers can search the Team using the search at the top to locate tutorials and more!

FSDB Learning environment screenshot.png

FSDB Learning Network Team

  • A glimpse into each others classrooms at FSDB. Teachers post the awesome and creative things they are doing in their classrooms.

  • Teachers can share fun things they are doing in the classroom and in the Innovative Learning Environment

  • Teachers describe or post a picture of the activity

  • Teachers can like and comment on each others posts 

IMG_0808 2.jpeg

FSDB Recommended Education Technology Tools

Technology trainings and drop-in professional development was provided by a Team of experts. The experts include: Dajuana Prater, Patrick Turnage, Colette Cook, Scott Trejbal, and Randi Mitchell. The trainings and drop-in professional development focused on the FSDB Recommended Education Technology Tools. The ed tech tools include:

  • Microsoft Edu (Teams, Word, PowerPoint, Forms, Sway, etc.)

  • Google Suite​ (Docs, Slides, Forms, etc.)

  • Google Classroom

  • Flipgrid

  • Wakelet

  • Book Creator

  • Video Editor- PC

  • iMovie- Mac

  • Quicktime

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