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Think Big Picture:

Decide on the concept for creating your brand:


  • Why do you want to create the videos?

  • What is your end goal?

  • How can you create the videos efficiently and effectively?

  • What does your school need? Areas of improvement?

  • How will you share your project?

The Branding:

Create a consistent layout
  • School logo, title page, student footage, teacher reflection/explanation

Consistent colors, logos, icons, etc.
Develop a plan to roll out the project and maintain momentum
  • weekly videos, biweekly post, & keep the ideas coming!

Rethink, Re-purpose, and RE-ENERGIZE

The Tools Needed:

Video Room
  • Camera, tripod, lights, teleprompter, green screen/solid background, microphone

Editing Software
  • Examples include: Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, iMovie, Camtasia

Social Media Accounts
  • Examples include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo

Technology Integration:

Website to house the videos/resources
Social media presence with similar handles

Create a hashtag “#” to be used
  • #FSDBPineapplePD #FSDBPineappleTidbits #FSDBSliceofPD

QR codes for quick scans to videos
  • Posted outside teachers’ doors and on printed on materials

Teacher Buy In?

Call in your favors  :)
Recommendations from leadership and staff members
Your brand will sell itself
“Reward” participation - Pineapple Perks
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